May 22, 2023

Ramp Platform

Ramp Platform Installation

Modular Ramp Platform recently installed by Mobility Plus.

We installed a 3 meter ramp to help our client enter their home. The short step had been causing a problem for our client.
This ramp, made of pre-fabricated modular components. Each one is easy to assembled and disassembled. Made of lightweight materials such as galvanised steel. Provides temporary or permanent access to buildings, vehicles, and or other structures.

Ramp Platform

Modular ramps offers several advantages over traditional ramps.

Ramp Platform 1

Modular Ramp Platform

Modular ramps are a lot quicker than traditional ramps to install. Traditional ramps can take several days or even weeks to construct. Modular ramps are often a more affordable ramp. Especially if they are only needed for a short period of time.

Another advantage of modular ramps is customisation. Built to fit clients variety of needs. For example, modular ramps are designed to accommodate different inclines, widths, and lengths. Ramps configured to provide access to different types of vehicles or equipment.
At Mobility Plus we are the sole distributor on modular ramps by easiaccess in Ireland.
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